Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sample Resume for Job Opening

Have a resume that will get their attention in terms of the elements of the layout that will invite them to read it.
  1. Include active verbs to engage the reader and get them involved
  2. Include what the applicant can do, skills they have acquired and lessons they have learned in past companies
  3. Emphasize what they have contributed to companies in the past. How were they valuable to specific projects and the daily operations of the company?
  4. Not just list jobs and responsibilities, but what they have accomplished, learned, and contributed to their last companies.
  5. Employers are looking for any reason not to hire so grammatical errors will put a submitted resume into the trash.
  6. Many times it more about the presentation of the resume than of the contents.
  7. People are looking for a quality person that is trainable and teachable.
  8. Do research on each company and be genuinely interested in their company and what you can do for them

Use three different Fonts
BS, Management Information System
Graduation Date, Location (off to the right)
Put in bullets all your Scholarship (mention what and how many given out), Extracurricular activities, and other things

Put in chronological order
Use action/power words
Problem – Action – results
No complete experiences
No more than 10 bullet points total
No (the, a, or four letter words)

Company Name
Dates off to the right
Bullets <Show the results of what you did (how did you make an impact, what did you learn, why you were valuable to the company?>

Missionary ??
Volunteer representative
Name of Church
Taught Christian principles
Involved in … hours of community service
Responsibility for organizing/training
Learned to speak and write fluent Russian
Area covered

Personal (Other, a better name)
The most important section
Be very specific here (I read Harry Potter)
Enjoy - times, years, be specific
Foreign Living
Things that differentiate (no office XP, etc.)

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