Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A 99% Challenge - shortstory

Here is a small situation, where many of us will have a wrong answer to the question, as most of us think it from a negitive prespective in any such given situation.

Once there was a loving couple traveling in a bus in a mountainous area. They decided to get down at some place. After the couple got down, the bus moved on. As the bus moved on, a huge rock fell on the bus from the mountain and crushed the bus to crumbs. Everybody on board was killed. The couple upon seeing that, said, "We wish we were on that bus" Why do they said that?

As they thought :
If they had remained on the bus instead of deciding to get down, the
resulting time delay could have been avoided and the rock would have fallen after the bus had passed ..!!! Think positive in life always and look for opportunities when you can help Others......
Many times in life, the opposite of Success is not Failure, its Quitting.

Winners never quit, quitters never Win....

Hope u all like this..

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