Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 Traits of Managers

1. Agility The global marketplace has created a business environment that is fast paced and rapidly changing — Manager must thrive under those conditions.
Look for: Cherry pick service reps who can change direction quickly and without much complaint, as well as those who work well without a map.
2. Hands-off management. Your ideal manager leads people, he doesn’t control them. Overly analytical reps who want things done a certain way aren’t the ideal managers.
Look for:You must promote workers who focus on achieving milestones and completing projects rather than on how workers are doing their individual jobs.
3. Tech- and communication-savviness. Your needs are constantly changing, but technology is changing, too. Your company must always be aware of new and upcoming technologies.
Look for: Choose service agents who are comfortable using new technologies and who have experience with multiple communication tools, including email.
4. Good planning. Managers spend a good deal of time planning for upcoming campaigns, new product launches, and new training approaches.
Look for: You’ll want someone who is detailed, organized, and can work as a team.
5. A sense of urgency. Your company doesn’t have all the time in the world to make changes or try new strategies. Waiting too long to switch gears could ruin your bottom line.
Look for: The best person for management is someone who understands the urgency of now and is willing to work hard immediately for big pay offs later.


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