Monday, July 5, 2010

What Makes a Good Manager?

A manager is the middle person in between the top management level and the team that reports to him. He has to ensure that communication is smooth and conveyed clearly to avoid misinterpretations and dissatisfaction. It’s useful to develop your negotiation and customer service skills, especially if you deal with clients.
A good planner
In order for you to achieve long term goals and commit to strategies for substantial earnings, you have to communicate the vision of the company to your subordinates. You break down and clarify the goals that each team or individual have to perform and assign work schedules and strategies.
It also involves thinking and planning out strategies on how to improve quality and also being cost conscious and effective. Having goals and planning out the directions allow for effective time management and saves cost and resources.
Decision Maker
The daily routine of making decisions include determining how to approach an employee who is not performing or lacking progress and how to bring about change to the organization and its team. It is essential that your day to day decision is based on what’s important, what’s right and not who’s right.
If you want cooperation from your team or employees, pay attention. Practice empathy and respect the personal values, opinions and ideas with the people you interact with. Listen and respond and offer praises and encouragements when they make progress. By doing that you will enhance their self esteem build trust. As the boss, your ability to develop trust and confidence, resolve problems and issues will result in a productive, goal oriented work group. You should encourage your team to ask for help, get involved and participate.

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