Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 incredibly useful iPhone apps for Indians!

Here are 5 India centric iPhone apps that will arm you will all the necessary information you need while you’re in the country. But, one thing you have to keep in mind, unlike Android Apps, most of the good apps on iPhone are paid ones, though they are mostly at cost of just couple of dollars.


sari drape 5 incredibly useful iPhone apps for Indians!
For all the women out there in India and abroad who want to drape a sari but are relying on their mothers, a distant Indian friend or a YouTube video, your very own sari assistant is here. Developed by Siddhartha Banerjee, this app was on No. 4 in the list of the Top Paid Apps of iTunes India in March 2011. As the name suggests, this app is a step by step tutorial of sari draping. The makers say that more regional and international styles of sari draping and its interpretations are going to be upgraded on this app very soon.
Buy NowUSD 1.99/-


ipooja 5 incredibly useful iPhone apps for Indians!
Wouldn’t it be great to conduct your daily pooja or get assistance regarding preparations of a pooja from your app in the case of unavailability of your priest? This app will arm you with high quality audio recording, step by step guidance to perform religious rites and ceremonies, information regarding the history of the pooja and the ‘Aarati’ with English text amongst many other features. The in-app iPooja store also allows you to load a variety of poojas in multiple languages.
Download Now – (App is free, but poojas come at a cost)

Meter Down

taxi meter down 5 incredibly useful iPhone apps for Indians!
If you are a Mumbaikar and have an iPhone then you simply can’t do without this app and if you are not a Mumbaikar and have an iPhone, then there’s all the more reason for you to download both these apps so that you don’t get taken for a ride with the street smart autowallahs and taxiwallahs of Mumbai. This app will keep you abreast of the fluctuating fares of autos and taxis in Mumbai so that you don’t have to rely and bargain while you’re on the move. From the maker of the Sari app, which is also featured in this list, the Meter Down apps are clear winners because of their clean interface. Simply look at the numbers in the meter and look it up on your app for the updated fare. Midnight fares are included for the nocturnal travellers.
Download Meter Down for Auto / Download Meter Down for Taxi [Free]


swarganga 5 incredibly useful iPhone apps for Indians!
To satiate the music lover inside you, try out the SwarGanga iPhone app created by Adwait Joshi. Music students can now gladly forget about carrying bulky books and simply refer to this app that provides detailed information about Taals, Bandishes, Instruments, Artists, Raags, Thaats and Gharanas in addition to informative articles about North Indian Classical Music. This is a niche app which will be more useful to you than simply downloading an app through which you can stream and listen to classical music.
Buy Now [USD 2.99]

Navigon India

navigon 5 incredibly useful iPhone apps for Indians!
Though it comes at hefty price of USD 70, Navigon India has lots to offer. For those of you who are hardcore techie travelers, you can convert your iPhone into a mobile navigation system with spoken announcements, address entries, real road signs, speed assistant, pedestrian navigation, SOS help, live weather info and information about all places of interest en route amongst many other features. This app is currently available on most iPhone platforms – iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPad (navigation only available on the iPad WiFi +3G).
Buy Now [USD 69.99]

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