Thursday, March 22, 2012

Apptitude: How to garden with a smartphone

Don't use your smartphone as a shovel, but take it to the garden this spring anyway, and you'll find it's a handy tool.

Gardening Toolkit, an app from Applied Objects, is $1.99 for the iPhone and $3.99 for the iPad version.

The application has a subtitle, "The easy way to garden!" When you start it up, there's a prompt for your zip code that will establish your plant-hardiness zone. Then go straight to the advice section, where there's general guidance for what garden chores you should be about this month.

Tap the flowerpot to find out which plants can be sown now. It's spring, so the list is extensive for flowers, fruits, herbs, and much more. For more ideas, tap the lightbulb icon and see which plants are best for nurturing bees or butterflies, for attracting hummingbirds, or for different planting situations, such as sun and shade.


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