Monday, October 15, 2012

New smartphone app allows shoppers to scan and pay for goods

English: Version 1 QR code example
English: Version 1 QR code example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Researchers have developed a new smartphone app that allows you to scan and pay for goods with your phone, without having to unload the trolley.
Sainsbury's supermarket in London is currently testing the new Scan and Go app that allows users to bag their shopping up as they walk around the store and pay for them at a self-checkout counter without having to unload.
Customers scan the a Quick Response or QR codes on packaging or on the shelf next to the pricing information using their mobile phone camera, the 'Daily Mail' reported.
The innovative programme even directs customers around the store according to the items on their shopping list potentially saving even more time. Loose items like fruit and vegetables are weighed on scales, and a QR code is printed out which can be scanned by the app.
A learning function monitors spending habits and flashes up special offers depending on the shopper's whereabouts in the the store.
Critics suggest the system will enable supermarkets to cut back on staff and effectively spy on their customers by monitoring their spending habits.
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