Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Successful Job Search Strategies For 2013 !

With 12.2 million Americans currently unemployed and a reported 86% of employees interested in finding a new job in 2013, landing your dream job may be more competitive than ever.
Whether you are unemployed or satisfied in your current position of employment it is always important to know how to locate your next quality job quickly and efficiently. Know the five Successful Job Search Strategies For 2013.
Update Your Resume
A keyword rich resume is still the most valuable tool to unlocking the doors to getting a job. Keywords are those words that define skills and certifications that are specific to your industry. Keywords should be displayed in your summary as well as throughout your resume job descriptions.Update your resume before you need it and keep a list of running accomplishments throughout the year so if someone wants to see your resume quickly you will be ready.
Upgrade Your Skills
What’s trending in your industry? Which of your skills are rusty? What gaps are there between your skills and the needs of your industry? Gaining education doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t necessarily require a formal education. Read industry publications, follow the blogs of industry thought leaders, or make an investment in a class or degree program if you think it is warranted.
Know Exactly What you Want
For both the individual seeking a job and the colleague or friend trying to help them, nothing is more frustrating than when the job seeker doesn’t know the exact job they want to target. Determine Which strengths and skills do you want to act on? What kind of people, culture and work environment do you want to invest your time in? Answering some of these foundational questions will inform your job search strategies.
Time Management
Finding a job is a job. So if you’re looking for a full-time job, you need to spend full-time hours looking for it. If you are unemployed then you have plenty of time to conduct a proper job search, so manage your time efficiently.
Using LinkedIn Effectively
What do Microsoft, Ebay, Netflix, and Target have in common? All these companies (and many more) have used LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment. LinkedIn is a Powerful Networking tool and if used correctly, you can land in your dream job quickly. LinkedIn has a surprising number of tools for helping your job search.  I recommend you to take the Online course by Lewis Howes to unleash the full power of LinkedIn for your job search.

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