Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fulton Innovation launches eCoupled technology for bi-directional wireless charging (hands on)


Fulton Innovation launches eCoupled technology for bidirectional wireless charging
Wireless charging is slowly creeping into more and more devices, and the convenience it brings is a welcome addition to our technological lives. But what if you don't have a charging pad nearby? With Fulton Innovation's eCoupled technology inside your device, you could use the charge in your tablet to charge your phone (or vice-versa). Essentially it enables the bi-directional movement of power between compatible devices. Any Qi enabled device can be charged by the eCoupled hosting device, and when two enabled devices are held back to back, then the one with the most power charges the other.

In the demonstration given to us on the show floor, Fulton Innovation had a reference device (a Samsung tablet) containing the technology, and demonstrated it by simply resting a Qi enabled mobile on top, and instantly it charged -- just like placing it on a regular charging mat. Fulton were also keen to stress their intention to get the technology incorporated into the Qi standard, meaning that if this were the case, then bi-directional charging like this could eventually be common place. Beyond the more obvious application of charging devices, there are other applications that this idea opens up. One such example is the use of "printed electronics" that can be activated simply by resting your phone or other enabled device on top. As a demonstration, a printed picture of a DJ with some speakers become an interactive soundboard once the eCoupled device was rested on the relevant point. This could also mean lightweight printed keyboard, that wouldn't require any charging, springing to life once you place your device on them. Check the gallery to see the idea in action, and the press releases over the break for more info.

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