Saturday, March 9, 2013

Look Lock Lets Your Smartphone And DSLR Go Trigger Happy


Look Lock Lets Your Smartphone And DSLR Go Trigger HappyWhile smartphone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, the amount of quality that it can pack is definitely limited due to the laws of physics. It would make for a decent shooter if you have absolutely no other choice, but a dedicated digital camera will almost always beat the smartphone camera in terms of quality. After all, when you have DSLRs in the picture that offer bigger sensors and larger optics that are more suitable for low light photography, surely a smartphone camera is out of the question.
How about getting the best of both worlds at once? This is where the Look Lock comes in, which is a peripheral that will cling to the DSLR’s hot shoe. The other end of the Look Lock will allow it to hold your smartphone, and the best combo to apply would be to have the smartphone perform a video recording while you snap away on your DSLR, or vice versa, depending on whichever floats your boat. The Look Lock will cost $75 if you want something that will inject a bit of creativity into your photo capturing experience.

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