Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coming Soon: Your Smartphone On Your Palm, Literally!

You must have been through time when you forgot your smartphone back home and kept struggling throughout the day (or hours). Well, as we all know that your hand is something you cannot leave back home (pun intended), researchers have developed a technology that literally puts the mobile phone on your palm

Masatoshi Ishikawa, University of Tokyo, smartphone on palm, 3D object, innovative smartphone technologyResearcher Masatoshi Ishikawa along with his colleagues at the University of Tokyo have devised this innovative technology, which uses a unique camera, which is capable of combining high-speed vision and two rotational mirrors. It then projects the device’s display or keyboard onto your palm or any surface, allowing you to use it remotely from anywhere.

Ishikawa said, “The system can detect the movement of a three-dimensional object every two milliseconds.”

The high-speed vision allows the programme to track moving objects, so users would be free to walk with the phone image in palm, without the display ever shifting, ABC News reported.

The computer system beams ultrasonic wave emitters, so the user actually feels the keyboard pressing against their skin, without anything in their hand. The sensation is as small as a 3-gramme object.

"You won't need a keyboard, you won't need to carry a smartphone, or a computer. You can make a call without anything," Ishikawa said. He expects to commercialise this technology in a year or two.

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