Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From Japan, high-definition digital camera features dynamo and solar panel


The SUN&CLOUD digital camera is the first which can be wholly powered by the sun or a built-in dynamo.

We’ve already seen products such as the GravityLight introduce novel ways to generate electricity for devices in regular use. Aimed at consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, the SUN&CLOUD digital camera is the first which can be wholly powered by the sun or a built-in dynamo.
Developed by Japan-based Superheadz, the handheld camera can be powered in three ways. Firstly, the battery can be charged simply by placing the device in direct sunlight, requiring 12 hours of sun for a full charge. On days when the weather isn’t as good, users can alternatively use the built-in hand crank to power the camera through a winding motion. Lastly, the camera can be connected to a computer via USB if a quick energy charge is needed. An LED on the side acts as an indicator to show when the device is charging, not charging and fully charged. The camera has an array of functions, including built-in filters, three focus modes and an LED flash.
The SUN&CLOUD could be an environmentally-friendly alternative to typical consumer electronics without forgoing the features usually included on mains-reliant cameras. How else can devices be redesigned with eco-conscious customers in mind?
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