Wednesday, May 15, 2013

iPhone case enables SOS calls from signal-free zones


Smartphones themselves obviously have their uses, but we’ve seen a few attempts to transform their cases into something just as practical – from a working pet ECG to a multi-tool kit. Now the SatSleeve is a satellite adaptor and charger for the iPhone, enabling users to make emergency calls from any location with low signal.
Those who find themselves in a remote area, underground or anywhere where a traditional mobile signal isn’t available can attach the SatSleeve to their iPhone, making it possible to receive and send signals to satellites with a geostationary orbit, accessible from almost any point on the globe. The case is only slightly larger than the iPhone itself, with a short antenna that can be extended for greater signal. Users can both make voice calls and send SMS messages over the system. As well as providing a robust satellite connection, the case contains a charger to provide extra usage time for those using the device to keep in contact with emergency services. On the back of the case is an SOS button, which can be pressed to immediately call a pre-programmed number.
As well as the case, customers will need to pay for usage of the satellite service from Thuraya, the developers of the SatSleeve. However, the company also offer a regular mobile tariff with their packages. How else can smartphone cases add functionality to a device already packed with features?
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