Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Samsung Smartphones To Get Fingerprint Feature

Samsung, fingerprint tech, access data, report, Sammobile, smartphone Though smartphone industry is carrying out various experiments in terms of screen size, RAM processor speeds, and even aesthetics, one area is yet to get its due: security.

Though there have been significant improvements in phone security mechanism recently, but most of them are based on old procedures such as PINs, patterns or no security procedure at all.
Now consider this. Your smartphone uses fingertip scanning in order to allow you access to the confidential data stored in it. Well, that’s what Samsung might be working on if a recent rumour is to be believed. 

Actually, the famous website SamMobile has received an e-mail today that displays a sequence of pictures showing off fingerprints and associated imagery. The images clearly indicate that Samsung is working on some kind of fingerprint technology for its upcoming phones. However, one should not forget that these images are the only ‘evidence' we have as of now, nothing more could be confirmed from the sources.

In case, Samsung comes up with a security system that involves using a fingerprint reader instead of the traditional home button, it would equip Samsung device owners with an essential security mechanism for data security.

It is also reported that Apple is also working on some sort of fingerprint tech for its iPhone 5S. Though fingertip scanning is not a new idea, but using it to for smartphones can surely help the handset owners.


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