Sunday, May 12, 2013

Smartphone Time Lapse Turntable


So, you have got your spanking new smartphone, and there is nothing quite like making sure everyone else who drops by your home knows that you have the latest addition to your collection of gadgets, and here we are with the £19.99 Smartphone Time Lapse Turntable. Just what the heck does it do? For starters, it is capable of delivering the perfect platform for shooting panoramas or sweeping 360° time-lapse movies, not to mention doubling up as a kitchen timer.

The Smartphone Time Lapse Turntable will also play nice with larger cameras as well as professional tripods, so you know that this is not going to be a one-shot accessory right from the get go. In addition, it will play nice with the rest of the time-lapse and panoramic apps on the market, making it the ideal addition to any amateur photographer’s kit bag and is also a shoe in for smartphone snappers. It boasts of smooth, clockwork movement to deliver a steady panning action, paving the way for precise timing/distance settings. Not only that, it also prevents you from experiencing any kind of unexpected lapse-based injuries. Budding videographers and directors, this could very well be right up your alley!
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