Friday, June 14, 2013

The top ten handiest Android apps for students in their final school years or those heading to college

Top 10 homework widgets, Most Handy Apps for Students, free software, schedule homework student apps The top ten handiest Android apps for students in their final school years or those heading to college are:

1 - My Class Schedule app - This is a free software that allows students to organize their schedules, class time-table, homework and exams. Its automatic mute feature is especially ideal for college students

2 -MyHomework Student Planner – It allows you to link your website with the app and also synchronises homework, reminders for late as well as upcoming homework widgets.

3- The Trello app – This is good for school and college group projects as it allows you to systematically organise projects, delegate work. It allows others to add their inputs and comments too.

4- Wolfram|Alpha|Alpha – This is a computational knowledge engine as it brings expert knowledge and instant computing in minutes by calculating accurate answers.

5- The Merriam Webster dictionary- This app comes with voice search and helps you find synonyms, antonyms, example sentences and more. This is really handy as it does not require internet.

6-The LectureNotes – This is really useful for students as they can make notes using their finger or stylus. One can choose the notebook’s width, height, colour, paper pattern, drawing tools.

7- Spark Notes – This app brings Shakespeare, poetry, philosophy, drama and short stories all in your palms.

8- Learning the Periodic Table - This helps you learn the periodic table even on the go and utilise the commuting time doing something fruitful.

9- The Kindle app – This app allows students to pick from the list of free books or even shop for books as it comes with a built-in dictionary, Wikipedia and Google.

10- The Pocket app – This is also known as Read It Later as it allows the page for offline reading. It links it to your phone, tablet or computer for you to view it any time. 

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