Friday, July 19, 2013

Smartphone apps help people stay safe in hot, steamy temperatures

hot weather sun in skyHot, steamy weather not only feels brutal, it can actually be dangerous. But there are plenty of smart phone apps available to keep you and your family cool and safe.
Some apps remind you to stay hydrated during particular periods or even let you know where you can find nearby pool to dip in and cool off.
Sun Safe, an apple app, provides information on weather, UV conditions and can give a calculated time as to how long you can safely expose yourself to the sun. Users will also get alerts advising them to cover up the body or go inside when the weather gets too risky.
Those who work outside can use the OSHA Heat Safety tool, an app from the Department of Labor that lets workers calculate the heat index, recognizing heat related illnesses and advice in cases of emergency. The First Aid app for apple and android from the American Red Cross offers guidance on a number of potential emergencies, including heat-related illnesses and injuries.

Water Your Body, available to both Android and iPhone users, tells you how much water you should drink based on your weight, and provides reminders nudging you to refill your water glass.
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