Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sony launches smartphone protection app

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Good news for Sony smatphone owners and in particular anyone with a 2012/2013 Xperia handset. Sony has launched an app to help owners track down their missing phones and even shut them down completely in the case of theft.
One of the biggest unfortunate side effects of the smartphone boom has been a huge spike in mobile device thefts.
However, even if a consumer simply misplaces a phone, being able to find it again is vitally important, especially considering the amount of personal data they carry -- everything from family photos to banking details. Even with frequent backups, it's still possible to lose a lot more besides the device itself if it were to be taken or lost.
Sony's app, called My Xperia, starts rolling out globally this week and should be in every world region by the end of 2013. Very similar (in a good way) to Apple's Find My Phone service, it can locate a device and show it on a map, sound the device's alert function to attract passersby or, in the case of theft, the owner can remotely lock the phone and erase its contents (including the SD card).

To start using the app, activate it in the smartphone's settings menu then go to and log in using a Google ID. From there users can access MY Xperia's remote functions.
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