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Google Allo and it's features


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Google Allo is a messaging app which will compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage. Surprisingly, Allo isn’t a Hangouts replacement but its own standalone app coming to iOS and Android soon, but what makes it stand out from the myriad of other messaging apps available?

The main difference is that Allo comes with some machine learning built in, courtesy of Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant. As explained by Engineering Director Erik Kay on stage at Google I/O 2016, Allo is a ‘smart’ messaging app that learns over time to make conversations both easier and more productive. That’s all well and good, but what does that actually mean?
Firstly, you’ll be presented with Smart Replies. These aren’t stagnated quick reply options like you see on other messaging platforms, oh no – Google claims that Assistant will learn over time and provide you with personalised answers that you’d actually use. It’ll work when asked things like if you want to go out for dinner, but will also suggest responses to photos because, Google being Google, the company can analyse the photo and its contents, understand the context and suggest a response. Pretty cool, right? You can see it in action below:

However, if you thought it ended there, you’d be wrong. Much like Facebook’s chatbots, you can talk directly to Google Assistant via text directly in Allo, allowing you to search for movies and more all without leaving the app. You can type “@Google” in the chat window to talk directly to Google Assistant, and it’ll provide you with what you require – be it search results or a funny GIF to share with friends. It’s contextual and will remember previous conversations so you can just carry on where you left off last time if necessary.

That’s not all, though -  say, for example, you and a friend are discussing where to go for dinner, a smart reply might suggest a dinner reservation. You’ll be able to tap that and be shown a restaurant reservation card full of nearby restaurants, and can even make a reservation via OpenTable quickly and naturally. You can also play games with Google Assistant as demoed during Google I/O, but these seem a little basic at the moment.

What else does Allo offer? Apart from Google Assistant support, Allo is a fairly simple-to-use but feature hungry messaging app. You sign up with your mobile number much like WhatsApp instead of a Google account, as it means both iOS and Android users can use the service without having to join the Google ecosystem.

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