Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pillo the robot will order and dispense your family's medication

Meet Pillo - a device designed specially to keep track of your health needs and dispense your medication as and when you need it. The Personal Home Health robot has been dubbed "the smartest and friendliest way to manage yours and your family's health", according to the creators.
To keep your personal information safe, Pillo comes with tamper proof casing and advanced user recognition features.

As well as dispensing medication, the robot can connect you to a healthcare professional within minutes, saving you wasting time booking an appointment at the doctors or spending time sitting in a waiting room.

 Could you trust a robot that dispenses medication for you?
Pillo will keep track of your medication for you 
Pillo is able to recognize different people within a household using facial recognition and then interact and dispense the correct pills for each individual at the appropriate time. It can also connect with healthcare professional, carry our auto-refill orders, links up with your smart devices such as a phone, tablet, or watch to issue reminders, and answers your healthcare questions.
Such an ambitious pill dispensing robot isn’t cheap, with the final retail price expected to be $599. However, if you back the Indiegogo campaign you can secure a Pillo for the super early bird price of $269 plus shipping, and it ships worldwide. You will be left waiting until July 2017 to receive your Pillo, though.
The Pillo Health team has plans to extend the functionality of Pillo if the project gets fully funded. In the future they hope to add calorie counting, stress management, baby monitoring, digital health reports, and a nutrition dashboard. Pillo will also get its own app store for even more features.


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