Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tips for Finding Jobs During Recession

 Recessions in the US Since the 20th Century and What Caused Them

The current global financial crisis and fragile economy have turned into one of the most challenging times to be looking for a job in the modern history. Contrary to the popular perspective it is still possible to find a good job in the current climate, as long as you stay proactive, calm and patient.

1. Concentrate On Growing Industry:

It is advisable for job seekers to concentrate on industries that are immune to the impact financial crisis such as education, health care, food service, energy, security, defense, science / R&D, government, etc. Choosing an industry that is still growing or predicted to grow during these difficult times, increases the probability of landing in a new job and reduces the chances of getting laid off again.  

2. Rebrand and Sell Yourself:

Assess your proficiencies and area of interest, to choose a career option that is close to your expertise. It is also advisable to learn new things such as communication, technology and other essential soft skills so that you would be able to market yourself in an efficient manner. You can also create a list of potential interview questions and efficient answers, which might help you to impress the interviewer. 

3. Try Different Avenues:

Don’t solely depend on one particular medium such as news paper to land in a job. It is always advisable to expand your job search to include online job portals, consultancies and other avenues. You can also try to get some references from your friends, peers, old business cards or revisit your
networking group.

4. Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

Try to make of living by taking up some temporary positions or consider freelancing. You can also consider interim staffing to fill a temporary slot. Most of these job options pay well and help you to carry the burden of your daily expenses and other expenditures until a permanent job comes along.    


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