Thursday, February 1, 2018

Internet of Things (IoT) Simplified


The IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of connected devices which communicate over the Internet, and they do so autonomously, machine to machine, without the need for human intervention.
The first reference to the IoT was in 1982, when researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed the world’s first IoT-enabled Coke Machine. Mark Weiser developed the concept further in the early 90s; and Kevin Ashton coined the term ‘Internet of Things’ around 1999.
It would be easy to think that a smart phone is itself an Internet of Things device. It is able to connect to the Internet, and it is able to sense its environment using a myriad of sensors inside itself: location sensors, motion sensors, touch sensors, and many more. However, what is important is that currently these sensors do not communicate with each other. So we can call these smart phone as “Intranet of Things” ,which will become Internet of Thing device sooner or later.

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